Quality and Risk

Quality and Safety

We put the safety of our patients and residents first and continually seek opportunities to improve on our care and services. Quality and safety is the focus of our consumer focused approach to care. A culture of quality improvement requires strong governance.

Nagambie HealthCare’s clinical governance structure includes our Quality and Risk Board Sub-Committee. The Quality and Risk committee monitors our consumers risks and works collaboratively to prevent risks and improve the quality of care. Our planned approach to continuous quality improvement involves reviewing and improving each stage of the consumer journey and includes audit, feedback, service redesign activities and innovation. Our quality improvement approach ensures ongoing development of strategies and measures to enhance safety for consumers, minimise risk and optimise service quality.

Incident Management

We encourage all our staff to report all incidents using our incident reporting system so that we can monitor and track the effectiveness of our risk controls and prevent incidents occurring. The incident management system is actively monitored daily so incidents can be managed it in a timely way.

Nagambie HealthCare’s Vision is clear: – To provide high quality, accessible services that best meet the needs of our community and to deliver care with empathy, compassion, and competence.

Even with efforts to minimise risk, unfortunately incidents can occur. We need to respond promptly if a patient, resident, community client  or staff member does suffer an accident or event that results in them being hurt or harmed in any way. These incidents are also called adverse events.

Nagambie HealthCare supports open disclosure – this is the process of open communication with patients and their families following an adverse event that has resulted in unintended harm. The process also involves discussion of the incident, investigation and makes recommendations for system improvement. Staff also need to be supported through such incidents and Nagambie HealthCare is committed to providing the right environment, resources and culture to guide staff.


Our hospitals, facilities and services are all accredited with the relevant authorities.

Download the following PDF documents:

Open Disclosure Policy Procedure

Hospital Rules (by-laws)

Medical By-laws Nagambie HealthCare