Strategic Plan

Stategic Plan

Nagambie HealthCare’s Strategic Plan 2021–2024

Nagambie HealthCare’s Strategic Plan 2021–2024 is underpinned by our conviction that consumers remain at the center of all we do. The plan identifies our vision and values, and outlines our strategic response to the growth dynamic in which Nagambie HealthCare operates. The focus of the strategic plan over the next three years is on establishing a sound framework and foundation on which to build our organisation.

Our Service Model
The NHC service model is shaped by our vision and values. It is built around four strategic pillars which have objectives and strategies to achieve them. These pillars are:
• Connected care
• Investing in our people
• Quality and safety
• Sustainability

Our Vision Statement
To provide high quality, accessible services that best meet the needs of our community. To deliver care with empathy, compassion and competence.

Our Value Statement
The Nagambie HealthCare Values are designed to guide us in our relationship with our patients, residents, carers, staff and all other consumers of our service. Through them we become a health service operating with a common understanding of what we all can expect from each other.
• Co-operation
• Respect
• Flexibility
• Pride